A Eternidade da Riqueza

The Eternity of Wealth

The idea of infinity is present in everyday life in various ways, such as by looking at the horizon, at the sky, in reflections about the past or existence. In the planning of life, people hardly have the sense of finitude, although we are conscious that life will not last forever.

A Sétima onda de fusões e aquisições

The Seventh M&A Wave

The history of mergers and acquisitions is probably as long as commerce itself, and it is difficult to determine a date for the first case of a merger or acquisition between companies in history. However, we can identify a few “waves” of mergers and acquisitions that have occurred since the late nineteenth century.

Entenda o que os compradores querem?

Understand what buyers want

The Brazilian market for mergers and acquisitions is approximately 1/5 of the North American market and 1/6 of the European market in terms of number of transactions, reflecting the resumption of growth and good prospects for the segment.

A Substância dos Intangíveis

The substance of intangibles

In recent decades it is noticed a change in business focus from tangible assets to intangible ones, being intellectual capital the most important in creating sustainable competitive advantages